Artichoke and his faithful assistant Gizzy have been working long, hard, puppet hours to bring you their magical recipes. However, with only 4 hands (actually 2 hands, 2 paws and a wand) between them, they are feeling the strain. Maybe you can help them spread the word and bring puppet cooking to the masses. If you love cooking and would like to share your passion, please send us your recipes using the form provided below. List the ingredients required and write down a simple explanation of how the dish is made. If possible, try and take pictures of the various stages involved as well as including a picture of the finished dish, and remember to feature your friend (puppet!!). If you don’t have a puppet for your recipe, why not make one, that way it will be as unique as your food. We recommend socks as a starting point! If we like your recipe we’ll post it on the site. A big thank you from Gizzy and Artichoke.


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Remember to upload your puppet cooking photos here!! you can send us up to 10 pictures per submission and we'll post them along with your recipe. Thanks for your support!