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Kimchi Pasta

A simple and delicious Kimchi pasta recipe brought to you by the grand wizard Artichoke. This dish requires only a few ingredients, and can be prepared in less than 15 minutes. Ingredients (serves 2) Spaghetti 170g Kimchi 200g (can be less) Single cream 150ml Salt and Pepper to season Method Preheat a shallow frying pan, […]

About Me

I’m a wizard, I’m a warlock, I’m a wonder of the age. I’m a sorcerer, magician, prestidigitator, mage. I can change into a chicken, or perhaps a purple pig. I can wave my wand and, presto, I’m a waffle with a wig. With the power in my pinky I can burst like a balloon or […]


My name is Artichoke, great Wizard of the culinary arts. Welcome to my website where you will find all of my very best spells/recipes for your delectation. Cook well my friends, and may the magic be with you!